Australian by birth, I have a B.A. in Architecture and an M.A. from New York University.

Based in New York since 1999, I have received grants from the Pollock Krasner Foundation, the New York Foundation for the Arts and a residency at The Lower East Side Print Shop.

My work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times ,and CNN

I have exhibited at the Bronx Museum’s AIM 30 Biennial and at Randall’s Island and in 2013 I received a Key Holder Residency – Lower East Side Print Shop, New York

My essay “TV cooking shows as pornography” is included in The Gastronomica Reader and was presented at the CAA conference in Chicago.


For inquiries please contact:

Instagram: @AndrewChanArt


With a cast of characters drawn from consumerism, pop culture, headlines from mass media, religious iconography, childhood memories and my experience as an immigrant living in different cultures, I attempt to draw humor and fascination from the life creeping around the edges of the everyday.

Whether painted, drawn or sculpted, my representations are usually set in some form of recognizable urban landscape inspired by living in New York. Iconic characters such as Mr. Softie and his pseudo-military Ice-cream truck mingle with urbane hipsters sporting skinny jeans, tattoos, and porn-star-like mustaches, multi-tasking with beer, lattes and must have portable devices.

A form of Harajuku landscape emerges where strange beings loom and merge in and around their surroundings. A frenetic web of lines produced by a fusion of brushwork, pine sticks and calligraphy pens points back to the way we inhabit and interface between the real and the virtual world. Many of my works in 3-d are made from Papier-mâché that has a rawness and fragility in its appearance relating to my own drawing style and approach to creativity. This process also combines my training in architecture and childhood love of plastic scale-model kits.

This work speaks to elements of fear and hysteria, our degraded and fragmented way of experiencing the world, in a satirical, liberating form. Human endeavors are swallowed up by the effluence of daily existence and the characters remain oblivious to their surroundings. Derelict architecture and hybrid humans celebrate the redemption of painting’s gentrification. The images seek to expose the uncanny, the invisible essence of things, and delve into details as a means to reclaim objects in their elusive emotional complexity.


EXHIBITIONS-GROUP (selected)        

2014     “Works on Paper”. Concepto, Hudson, New York

2014     “Spring /Break art show“ NYC– curated by Benjamin Sutton

2014     “What Say You” LES PrintShop, New york –curator Dextor Wembly

2013     “Stars in my Pocket..”  LES PrintShop, New York

2012     “The Hip-pocolypse”  Illuminated Metropolis Gallery , New York

2012     “Bomb Pop” Bullet Space, New York

2011     “Flow.11” Randall’s Island Park, New York

2011     “Aim30” Bronx Museum, New York, NY

2011     “Enter the Dragon” Opera Gallery, Hong Kong

2010     “Utopia and Wall-paper”, CAS Art Center, NY

2008     “Sweet Dreams”, HPGRP Gallery New York, NY

2008     “Watch Dog Charity Jubilee 2008,” 10 Chancery Lane, Hong Kong

2007     “Loaded,” M.Y Art Prospects, New York, NY

2006     “New York Narrative,” Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan

2006     “Summer Group Show,” 3rd Ward, Brooklyn, NY

2006     “Fresh Start,” Santa Monica, CA

2006     “No Money Down,” Gallery Aferro, Newark, NJ

2005     “A Changed Perspective,” Visual Arts Center, Hong Kong

2005     Philosophers Box, New York City

2005     “Watch Dog 2005,” Hong Kong

2004     “Sub-Plot,” Barthelemy Gallery, New York

2004     “Windows,” Kimmel Center, New York University

2003     “Watch Dog 2003,” Hong Kong

2001     “International Works on Paper,” Soho20, New York

2001     “Summer Spices,” Galerie Martini, Hong Kong

2001     NYU M.A. Art Thesis Show, 80 Washington Square Gallery, New York

2001     “Video Marathon,” Art in General Gallery, New York



2014     “Bush-Whacked”  Concepto, Hudson, New York

2012     “DZ”  Dopio Zero, Hong Kong

2011     “Space Junk” Australian Galleries, Melbourne, Australia

2009     “Ferry Stars 09, Hong Kong

2008     “War-mart” – HPGRP Gallery, New York

2004     “Killing Me Softee” - Jackman Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2002     “White Room” - White Columns, New York

2000     “A Fish, A Tram and A Chan” - Galerie Regal, Hong Kong

1999     “Ghost in the Tram” - FAD Gallery, Melbourne

1998     “La Belle et la Bete” – Galerie Martini, Hong Kong

1997     “The Handover show” - Galerie Martini, Hong Kong

1997     “Un Cafe Creme” - Continental Gallery, Melbourne